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This herb is also known as Comiphora mukul & guggul. It has been used for over 3,000 years.

Due to its action it controls the vitiation of vatta. It reduces the fat from the body due to its corrosive action.

It is an ayurvedic pain killer with no side effects. It is a good cardiotonic, it increases the R.B.C and W.B.C and increases the immunity. It reduces the inflammation of lymph glands. Due to its potency it increases the neural power, helps in regulation of menstruation, used in sterlity and oligospermia.

Old guggulu is harmful for sperm count. It is a rejuvenator and helps in the production of sperms.

Action of old guggulu is corrosive as it cuts the dhatus, reduce the cholestrol, atherosclerotic plaques, reduces the obesity.

Drug of choice in kaphaj disorders
Rheumatoid arthritis

Guggulu is used as to spread fragrance in houses as it keeps away super natural powers and reduces the effect of evil Gods Rahu and Ketu.

Guggulu is the most potent drug for the patients of Paralysis,Stroke,Facial paralysis,Sciatica ,Joiny pains and all neurological disorders.

It is used in coronary thrombosis,Anaemia. Old guggulu is used in diabetes and obesity. This herb is used in renal stones,stricture of urethra,urinary tract infections as it breaks the renal stones.