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Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic Bronchitis

It is clinically defined as persistent cough with expectoration on most days for three months of year for two or more consecutive years. Causes Vitiated vata blocks the passage of cough in respiratory channels as a result kapha accumulates in lung tissues causing bronchitis.

Other causing factors are suppressing the natural urges of the body excessive sexual intercourse sleep disorder and wrong food intake.

Dry cough is purely of vitiation of vaat doshas. Due to continuous dry cough alveoli and bronchioles get inflamed and hemoptysis occurred.

» Clinical feature
» Persistent cough with copious expectoration
» Recurrent respiratory infection
» Dyspnoea at exertion

Ayurvedic Treatment for Chronic Bronchitis

According to Ayurveda indigestion results in accumulation of aamras in the body. In addition to this luxurious life style incomplete elimination of wastes lack of physical exercise deteriorate the body immune system and respiratory system.

Treatment aims at correcting the aamras and vitiated vata and kapha when balance of doshas is maintained disease will be cured.

Herbal Treatment
» Agastya haritki
» Panchmol kwath
» Kakrasingi powder
» Kantkari ghrit