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Important Ayurvedic Herbs



Tulsi is also known as Ocimum sanctum and Holy basil. It is an immunity rising herb for cough and bronchitis. It is used as a deworming agent. That also can be used in digestion and movement of bowel.



It is used in cardiac disease liver disorders hyperacidity blood disorders diabetes mellitus tuberculosis. Main constituent of Chyavanprash is Amla. In ancient times Chyavan Rishi had taken this and remains young for several years. It has a special property by which it can formulate your grey hair into black. It also use to work as an excellent brain tonic.



Neem can be renamed as Azadirachata Indica. It is also used in skin disorders abscess and infected wounds in sinus neem tail packings are used to treat. Act as a deworming agent. It is also used in alopecia aereata. It is a blood purifier that can be used in diabetes mellitus and it can be used in malarial fever. As a local applicator in piles. In fistula and piles neem tail is used to heal the fistulas. To get rid of lice and dandruff we can use neem oil.



This is also known as Termenalia chebula. It is the drug that causes no harm to body like a mother. It is used in stomach ailments dyspepsia piles jaundice liver and spleen disorders intestinal infections. It portages the body channels. It is a rejuvenating drug used in leucorrhoea and p.i.d infections in ladies. It is used in nervous disorders. Infertile couples get great help from this drug. It is used in common cold chronic cold and chronic constipation.



This is also known as Pueraria tuberose & Gudica. It is beneficial for the cases of liver and spleen enlargement. It is a cardio tonic as well as it is used for increasing production of milk in lactating mothers. It is a rejuvenator for increasing the strength in sex related problems.



This herb is also known as a Phyllanthus Urinaris. This herb can be used for blood purification, diabetes, jaundice, hyperacidity, dyspepsia, skin disorders and chronic fever. It’s an important tonic for diabetes patients.

Pashan Bhed

pashan bhed

This herb is also known as a Bergeris Ligata. This herb is used to break renal stones. It is an uriliser. It is a cooling agent in the body. It is used in renal stones, ureteric calculi, dyspepsia, dysmenorrhoea and in opium poisoning.



Its roots contain major alkaloid reserpine that is used in high blood pressure and is a sedative and tranquilizing agent. It is also used in treating central nervous disorders. It is used in both psychic and motor disorders including psychosis schizophrenia epilepsy and insomnia. Powdered roots act as antidote to snake venom. In diarrhea and dysentery extracts of roots of sarpagandha is used.