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As per Ayurveda, Shankhpushpi can be considered as one the very important herbs. Scientific name of this perticular herb is Convolvulus pluricaulis. It is also called as Mangalya kusuma (Sanskrit). Shankhpushpi plant is often found in India and neighboring country like Myanmar. This plant use to develop during September & October and use to be in white to pink in color. Many existing Ayurvedic practitioners and authors consider that Shankhpushpi is one of the rewards of nature and it is regarded as alexiteric and tonic to develop memory and it could be taken as a tablet and in the form of syrup.

Shankhpushpi plant is useful in internal hemorrhages, it is used as a Rasayan and the oil supports the enlargement of hair & decoction was given in cases of malarial fever. It can also be used in dysentery.

There are so many health benefits of Shankhpushpi, it reduces stress, improves memory, reduces gastric ulcers, it can cure hyperthyroid and it also controls neurotoxicity levels.